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See Also:

  • Asylum: Enter the World of Asylum, where the US has been reduced to a collection of walled Wards, built from former cities and surrounded by desolate Wastelands. The Sun has been gone for over a hundred years, hidden from view by the airborne algae known as Blanket Seed. And everyone has gone mad. Those in the Wards are called Inmates, and they are cared for by the Staff and watched over by the Orderlies, who are as insane as the Inmates.
  • Confrontation: A cyber-gothic role-playing game based on the original Necromunda proto-type. It has realistic rules and greater scope for complex and non-linear role-playing. This site offers a quality example of this system.
  • Creations End: Makers of a game entitled "Creations End". Contains product information and sales.
  • Demonground: Electronic fanzine for modern horror roleplaying. Free downloads in zipped PDF format.
  • Dread: A game of modern horror in which investigators struggle against the forces of evil. Features a conflict-resolution system, back story, spells, monsters, demons, cultists, and secret societies.
  • Dreamwalker: Official site for this role playing game. Humanity is under attack, the enemy is an alien species that assails humans while they are sleep.
  • Horror Rules: The Simply Horrible Roleplaying Game: A horror comedy game based on popular movies such as "Tremors," "8-Legged Freaks" and "The Evil Dead."
  • House of R'Leyh-Dark RP Chathouse: Rules and background for a web-based game combining Call of Cthulhu, Nightbane, and the World of Darkness.
  • Little Fears: Game of childhood terror, created by Key 20 Publishing. Contains game information, character sheets, previews, and errata.
  • Nyboria: The Dark Side of Roleplaying: Oering original material for various games including Kult, World of Darkness, SLA Industries, Unknown Armies, and setting material taken from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere.
  • Philippe Tromeur's Pages about Nightbane RPG: Play aids, skill lists, and links for Nightbane.
  • Principia Malefex: A Horror Roleplay Game: Horror roleplay set in modern day Britain.
  • Schism: A subversive roleplaying game set in "a world of corruption, paranoia, and bizarre phenomena".
  • The Awakening: The Journal of Extreme Horror Roleplaying: Magazine of generic (no one system) horror RPG material. 5 on-line adventure idea articles.
  • The Crossroad: A guide to "Whispering Vault" resources on the web, including reviews, articles, mailing lists, rules, and disciplines.
  • The World of Bloodshadows: One new monster and one new spell for West End Games' Masterbook-based "fantasy noir" game.
  • Wind Dancing: A Nightbane Character: Description of a player character created for Palladium Books' Nightbane.

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