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  • Delta System: New rules and skills, a campaing based on the manga Appleseed and another set in a world savaged by extreme natural forces and torn by a great war, for the Delta Force system.
  • Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes: A contemporary system in which the players are flinty mercenaries, suave spies, and gumshoe detectives.
  • Modus Operandi: Articles, NPCs, downloads, forums, news, and scenario hooks for various espionage systems.
  • National Security Decision-Making Game: The NSDM Game recreates real-world international crises of the present or immediate future. Ideas for scenarios are taken from current headlines and developing trends. Players take the parts of national leaders, dignitaries, ambassadors, military leaders, and political groups and are given the opportunity to try and solve all the world's problems. Played only at gaming conventions.
  • PCCS Unofficial Support Page: House rules, new weapons, and links for Leading Edge Games' "Phoenix Command".
  • Spookshow: There are ghosts. Some of these ghosts have learned to take on mortal guise again, for short periods of time. They walk the earth once more, pretending to be human. They even have jobs. They crave adventure, excitement, intrigue, and they've found the perfect career...espionage.
  • The Adventures of Luther Arkwright: Review and ordering information of a system in which players take the parts of people living on alternative Earths.
  • The M.I.B. Files: New Aliens, Monsters, Gadgets, Vehicles, and Characters for West End Games' Men in Black roleplayng system.
  • The Regent's Park Literary Society: Articles for Top Secret S.I. and the James Bond RPG.
  • Web-Grognards: Commando: Variant combat and character-generation rules for SPI's roleplaying game set in World War II.

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