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See Also:

  • Earthbound Timelords: Role Playing: Four adventures for FASA's out-of-print Doctor Who roleplaying game.
  • Fates Worse Than Death: The official site for the game "Fates Worse Than Death", published by Vajra Enterprises.
  • Forgotten Futures: Complete adventures for the role playing game based the science fiction and fantasy of the Victorian and Edwardian Era.
  • Gladiators RPG: Fast paced simple action RPG set in ancient Rome. Also contains a comic book on the same theme.
  • HCS Games: Reconstruction 2290: In this game in the year 2174 a comet impacted Earth killing over 10 billion people. In 2290, those who are left fight to shape the course of the planet's reconstruction.
  • Instant Lightspeed: Set in the galaxy of the 27th Century. Players play Federation Rangers, interstellar lawmen on the Galactic Frontier. Federation Rangers are a cross between the French Foreign Legion, the Texas Rangers, and Bounty Hunters.
  • LAZER: A setting where technology and magic are equally common and usually mixed. Sample chapters, gallery, forum, and some links.
  • Mike's Home for Wayward MiB Agents: Resources for the Men in Black RPG by West End Games.
  • Other Suns Online: Previews of the 2nd Edition of FGU's sci-fi game, plus a new species and a description of a Khromat city.
  • Pax Draconis: A setting for space opera and cyberpunk style roleplaying with an emphasis on realism. Website features product listings, online store, FAQs, player resources, and a forum.
  • Prelude to Obsidian: The Year is 2299, and a desperate humanity wages war against the manifested legions of hell itself. In the final battle, the last vestiges of mankind construct a vast fortified city to hold the daemonic hordes at bay. Within this city, massive corporations vie for power, daemonic kults carve a bloody swath through its citizenry and technology has surpassed the limits of the flesh. Take care when choosing your allies, even more when choosing your enemies.
  • Ranger Firebase Alpha: Currently the home for Waste World Lite, containing everything needed to begin playing in the post-apocalyptic setting of Waste World. This site also supports the game with (reasonably) frequent updates.
  • Red Shift: A system set in the year 2963. Product listing, online shopping, players resources, errata, a mailing list, FAQs, and a free lite version in PDF Format.
  • Ron's ShatterZone Page: House rules, characters, and campaign background for West End Games' interstellar game, Shatterzone.
  • Seven Worlds Library Access: Background information for Leading Edge Games' "Living Steel" world setting.
  • Sime~Gen Roleplaying: Development site for the Sime~Gen roleplaying system, based on the Sime~Gen novels by Jacqueline Lichtenberg and Jean Lorrah
  • The 23rd Letter, Intro Page: Features characters, house rules, and an adventure for Crucible Design's game The 23rd Letter.
  • The SFRPG zone: A `group` of sites devoted to science fiction role playing games.
  • The Wochen Files: Features scenarios for Cyberpunk and a new alien race for Traveller.
  • The Xro Dinn Chronicles: Strange aliens and exotic technology. Focus on the great mysteries of the Xodar Xro Dinn, the cyber-culture of the Quiizbenqq, the clan wars of the Middarians, or the espionage of the Borloans.
  • Transformers: The Roleplaying Game: Guidelines and statistics for using West End Games' "Star Wars" rules to portray the characters from the animated television series "Transformers".
  • Twilight of the Apocalypse: A post-apocalyptic RPG based on the Aftermath! game system.
  • Underground Information eXchange: Features characters, ships, and game background for West End Games' Shatterzone.
  • WW WEG: Metabarons: West End Games' official page for its game based on the French graphic novel series of the same name.
  • WebRing: mhordoch: Group of interlinked sites, known as "Palladium: Space Webring", focusing on science fiction settings using Palladium rules.
  • Who-RPG Home Page: Roleplaying in the universe portrayed by the well-known British science-fiction television programme "Doctor Who" (several systems). Mailing List and Website.
  • Worldbooks and out of print articles: Contains a number of articles from White Dwarf and Challenge Magazine about Traveller and 2300AD, and the Stargate worldbook for GURPS Lite 3rd Edition, Classic Traveller and 2300AD.
  • ZAON: Traditional sci-fi roleplaying, including unique alien species, a large realistic game setting, and motion-picture quality artwork.

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